Look at dem Sweet Cheeks
I didn’t win the Horse News lingerie contest ;~;

Now I’ll never be #HorseFamous!

How about I throw in an extra 500.. Not bad eh, 3.5k is a pretty good bargain for a niece piece of ass like yourself.. I think we could come to have a lot of fun together. I.e I'd love to take you out to some nice dining we could go see some movies together, you name it I'm up for having a good time other than sex.. Though you have to pardon me for the indulgence with wanting your ass and throat you are a rather fine specimen. I'd also like to think I'm a decent looking guy :3

I just really wanna at least have my first time having sex be with someone special to me before I start whoring myself out to people I don’t know for money >///<

Food for thought: One week divided by 3000 equals about 3.36 minutes each. Please expect the kickstarter to be up within the hour. With a $1 start tier. The more slots someone buys, the longer they get with the cocksleeve that is your throat. Of course scheduling (and other things) will be tight, so the second one cock comes out (or cums in), the next goes inside. Clever, eh?

omg you guys


stahp >///<

So after saying that, if I honestly gave you 3k would you actually make good on said offer? Cuz I got 3k lying around for real ( serial do want now, dtf let's go, though Id also want your ass as my cock warmer).

I um… I kinda really want my first time to be with someone special…

I mean, that’s a LOT of money, yeah, but I really would rather have my first time having butt fun to be with someone I’m personally close to.

That being said, blowjobs are still up for deba-wait.

Hold on.

Am I actually considering the possibility of doing this?

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I always get at least a little bit giddy when someone I follow follows me on this blog o3o

Oh, good idea! I’ll bring a ring gag so I don’t have to strain my jaw while holding my mouth open!
Oh, and we can’t forget the bondage gear! That way I won’t be able to wriggle around as much while you’re shoving your cock down my thro-… um… *ahem* yeah…

Kneepads are a good idea… >///>

I’ll bring the other stuff…

was that a killing floor reference?

Technically yes, it was. And by extension it’s also a reference to this song, which is what the guys at Tripwire decided to reference in Killing Floor with all their “loads a’ money!” stuff. :P


sulliman34 replied to your post: “sfw-rawrcharlierawr replied to your post: “cauldroneer liked your…”:
i think she means 4 gallons of jizz

Well that would satisfy my cum inflation fetish…

sfw-rawrcharlierawr replied to your post: “cauldroneer liked your post: “what can i get for $3,000?” People I…”:
hello yes i would like to order 4 gallons worth

Wh-what does this even mean?

4 gallons of what??



People I like get 99% off.

clopitor-the-hydrogenous replied to your post: “clopitor-the-hydrogenous replied to your post: “what can i get for…”:
Remember folks, that’s just 1,000 easy payment of 3 dollars, (plus shipping and handling) and you can have your very own BronyButt to throatfuck for a week!

I take cash or credit :v

clopitor-the-hydrogenous replied to your post: “what can i get for $3,000?”:
Careful, you might tempt somebody

yes, yes…


is it wrong that im tempted to take that seriously.


You should totally gimme some dosh.

Loads a’ money!

what can i get for $3,000?

My throat as your own personal cock warmer for a week.

That’s what you’d get.